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Kalani's Campaign
Kalani's Campaign was our first fundraiser where 100% of profits where used to fund her journey to Perth, Australia where she began her missionary work.
We only stumbled across Kalani through a mutual friend who had shared her story, the catch phrase "Because of Love" caught our attention. With that catch phrase either leading to a lover or having religious meaning we got in contact to get to know her. We love the fact that she knows what she wants todo, whereas if you know us, Humblessed has been a journey of finding what we want todo through trial and error.
We're proud to announce that the fundraiser was a huge success, even after sales closed your support pushed us to bring back the line. This is our way of sponsoring Kalani through her time in Perth, so yes she will still receive proceeds from the profit.
"He speaks, I go.
I am a strong believer in the fact that God has a plan for every single person on earth. Whether we think we're qualified or not, we all have our special callings. For me, it's to go out into the nations to spread His truth and love to other people.

Some people ask me why I chose this path, I say it's because of love. Because He is the one that first loved me. Because He is the one that takes what I love and makes a future out of it. And it's because of His love that I have experienced what it truly feels like to be alive.

I am very excited for my next step in life to be apart of YWAM Perth's Island Breeze Ministry. I know that that's where God wants me to be and I can confidently say that I'm ready."

-Kalani Junio